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Quinoa Sulfate-free Solid Shampoo

These snowy white bars contain rich, nutritious ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish your hair. Organic Virgin Oil de Cocoa Creme, Quinoa Protein, Silk and a concentrated herbal formula create beautiful, smooth hair full of health and radiance. It can be used safely on keratin- and color-treated hair. Each batik embossed bar fits easily into your palm allowing you to run the flat side over your tresses.

A good shampoo for fine hair to restore luster, spring, body and manageability while retaining essential moisture balance. The travel size is just 1oz and a perfect way to try this shampoo for the first time. If you have coarse/dry hair consider the Argan Solid Shampoo.

Do not confuse these supple bars with "soap". Although some people enjoy using soap in place of shampoo, most find the high alkalinity and residue left by soap an inconvenience. This is shampoo with a pH that works with the pH of your own hair.

Sulfate Free - Scent Free!

Container? Aside from the box for shipping, no container is needed. This solid shampoo sits directly on the shelf in your shower or bath. I have short hair and lather my hair twice. I get about 20 shampoos from the 1oz travel size. The full size bar should give 4 times that many shampoos. For me, that's the equivalent of two 8oz bottles of liquid shampoo. For best results, use with Quinoa Solid Conditioner.

Instead of relying on hotel shampoo, take your own without the hassle of dealing with the fluid requirements of the airlines. The travel container makes it easy to transport this product on airline flights or just a trip to the gym. (View container...)

The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep hazard assessment for this product is LOW (More info..)

Ingredients include sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, glycerin, PPG-20 methyl glucose ether, *virgin oil de cocoa creme, quinoa protein, silk amino acids, *jojoba oil, jojoba esters, panthenol, bamboo extract, citric acid, caprylic/capric triglyceride, herbal extracts of Yarrow, Sage, Horsetail, Nettle and Lavender (*Organic)


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About Quinoa Protein
Quinoa protein results in hair that looks smoother and feels silkier. It protects the hair from environmental stresses, retains moisture in the hair and provides nutrients to the hair. Unlike the rest of the proteins that each offer protection, repair, or moisturization, Quinoa protein offers all of these benefits through enhanced hair penetration and substantivity for increased damage repair and cuticle protection.
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